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avatar From  f05olivia_c - Apr 18, 2018
Great story.
It was amazing.
And remarkable.

avatar From  sliver9754 - Jun 15, 2016
this is very amazing i am happy you are safe now

avatar From  SunRanger108 - May 3, 2016
That was a really beautiful story. I'm sorry you had to live with war in your home country. I hope you write more, because this is one of the most remarkable stories on Scribjab!

avatar From  jenlevering - Dec 26, 2014
Just remarkable

avatar From  jenlevering - Dec 14, 2014

avatar From  marshmellowbelly - Dec 2, 2014
I am glad your happy now your really got and writing and I hope you write more by the way I think your a great artist

avatar From  quizicat - Oct 1, 2014
Great story with really strong images .. Well done .. The world needs to hear stories like yours .. Thank you

avatar From  Christelle - Aug 4, 2014
I like to hear you read your story in Arabic and am glad you are happy now.

avatar From  Kelly - Jun 14, 2014
I am glad you came to a place that is better for you and that you can go to school. I hope you write more, this story is good. What is your favorite subject at school?

avatar From  MsNguyen - Jun 13, 2014
What a remarkable story that you have shared with us, Dana. Thank you so much for sharing this powerful story. I'm sorry that you had such a negative experience growing up, but I can tell you that you have surely grown up to be such a strong and amazing young woman. Thank you for being an incredible leader to your peers and always having a positive attitude. I will never forget that! -Ms. Nguyen