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avatar From  nooristhequeen - Jun 12, 2020
Pls anyone send me a tutorial of how to do everything

avatar From  Panda - Feb 6, 2020
good job yay cats

avatar From  NastyaLuk - Apr 30, 2019
I like it! I love cats. It is interesting! They are friends with the dog that they were scared of!

avatar From  38211514 - Jan 31, 2018
i liked what you did i like your drawings and the whole thing was really funny

avatar From  NERB - Jan 31, 2018
nice story and nice drawings

avatar From  amelie - Nov 3, 2017

avatar From  chocolat - Oct 18, 2015
I like

avatar From  kera4147 - Jun 12, 2015
I love your drawings! Its really good!

avatar From  elfelogic - Feb 26, 2015
I really like your book. The drawings are amazing!

avatar From  jenlevering - Dec 15, 2014
That dog was cute

avatar From  Kelly - Jul 10, 2014
It was good to draw the kitties' heads in different colours.

avatar From  maslusarek - Jun 6, 2014
I really liked your artistic abilities.