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avatar From  Inaya - Apr 17, 2018
YEAHHHHH I need to hear their names i think it's pronounced like this ( NAGIO ) honestly

avatar From  qwinjohnnie - Mar 13, 2018
i like that book its so good but could you please make it with a microphone next time ;]

avatar From  qwinjohnnie - Feb 3, 2018
i think the drawings are great but could you read the names out because it is confusing to say them.

avatar From  EthanWoods - Apr 22, 2016

avatar From  jenlevering - Dec 20, 2014
Yeah there are and I really like the story but can you record yourself and is the story true sorry if this is a personal ?.

avatar From  marshmellowbelly - Dec 2, 2014
I loved it but could you read out loud there are many confusing names